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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is the membership fee.

    Our membership fees are set each year at our AGM and reflect the hire of our ground, affiliation fees to Archery GB, Lancashire, and northern countys and amounts to replace targets, bosses and other equipment

  • Why is there an extra fee for indoor shooting through the winter

    Our yearly membership fees only covers the rental on our outdoor field. When we shoot indoors, we have to hire the venue and have to cover the hire cost by charging each member a small fee. The fee applies to each member per session and there is no reduction for Junior members.

  • When do we shoot

    We shoot all year round, the main Club shoot being on Saturday Mornings  from about 9:30 to 12:30 at our outdoor venue. We also have the opportunity to shoot Monday – Tuesday and Friday mornings throughout the year. During Winter, we also shoot indoors on Friday evenings.



  • Can I shoot alone at the club?

    Absolutely not. When shooting is taking place a minimum of two people must be present at all times. The second person does not have to be an archer, but must be a responsible ADULT. In the event of only two people shooting one person must always be on lookout

  • Is archery Dangerous.

    Archery can be dangerous. However we shoot to Archery GB rules of shooting, there are simple rules governing the conduct of archers and it is one of the safest sports practiced in the UK today. As a club, we take safety very seriously and strive to maintain our excellent safety record.

  • Do you shoot in bad weather

    If it rains during the outdoor season then it is up to the individuals whether you they wish to continue. If there is lightning, you are advised to stop shooting, similarly, if it is too windy to shoot it is not advisable to continue.

    We shoot outdoors during snowy or frosty conditions. It’s entirely up to the individual archers whether they are (fool)hardy enough to endure the prevailing weather!

  • What distances do you shoot

    Outdoors, we can shoot any round up to 100 yards or 90 meters. Indoors, we shoot 18m/20yards upto 30 mtrs.

  • Do you offer extra coaching

    We run regular performance coaching sessions. By a Level 2 Coach If you would like one to one coaching this can be arranged.

  • What kind of bows do you shoot

    We are a Target club, so we shoot at targets although we do run one club Field type shoot a year.

    We have Recurve and Compound bows, some members have longbows, american flatbow, some shoot barebow and the occasional horse bow. We do not allow Crossbows.

  • Do you shoot competitions

    We run internal competition every Month through the outdoor session,

    Also a number of our members regularly attend competitions throughout the county. Although we like to encourage new members to attend competitions you do not have to attend if you do not want to.

  • Any questions not answered above?

    If you have any questions not answered above, please email us.