Keith Eustace


About Me: Been shooting around 4 years. Currently First Class and chasing my Bowman classification (three years of chasing!). Archery achievements to date include shooting a Robin Hood at 60 yards, shooting four PB's in 10 days, and shooting a fellow archers wooden arrow in half on one of our fun days (luckily he did laugh about it). Enjoy shooting all forms of archery, outdoor, indoor, recurve, longbow, flat-bow, crossbow and even bought a compound.

I like competition shooting, particularly indoors, but I believe archery should be fun and not taken too seriously, so particularly enjoy fun shoots.

Riser: Win&Win INNO CXT

Limbs: Hoyt 990 TX 42lb Medium

Arrows: ACE

Stabilisers: S&F EliteEquipment


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